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The bonus is based on the return of some money amount from the lost bets at a certain bookmaker during a period of time, which is defined beforehand (one month or more). Possibly, such a bonus will be interesting for some serious players and collectors of bonuses.
Bonus:the return of 10% of the lost bets amount.
Description:If you’ve come off worst after a definite period of time, then we return you the part of the lost money. The percentage of the compensation depends on the total amount of the lost money.
For the time being, the following bookmakers take part in the action: Pinnacle Sports, Unibet, Expekt. If you want to extend the list of bookmakers, which take part in the bonus offer, apply to us and we’ll consider your proposal.

The conditions of bonus receiving:

Choose one or several bookmakers taking part in this offer and before you register, send us ( a message. In your message write your data (name and surname, your account in Moneybookers, your contact e-mail) and the expected amount of the first deposit at each of the chosen bookmakers. During 24 hours you’ll get an answer with more detailed instructions.


The percentage of payouts subject to the loss amount:

— from 1000 to 2999 USD (3%)

— from 3000 to 4999 USD (5%)

— from 5000 to 6999 USD (7%)

— from 7000 USD and more (10%)


To receive a bonus:

The payouts are carried out to your account in Moneybookers after a month period. The data of payouts – till the 15th of the next month.



- the bonus is valid during one month since the moment of registration;

- the minimum payout is 50 USD;

- the first minimum deposit is not less than 1000 USD;

- the bonus can be combined with the bonus Betfair+;

- there’re no limitations on the amount of the maximum payouts;

- one person can receive a bonus several times.


Here’s the example how you can receive a bonus:

Let’s suppose you’ve decided to open an account at the bookmaker Pinnacle Sports. To do this you send us a message that you want to receive a bonus from our site, in your message you point out your name, surname, your account in Momeybookers and contact e-mail. Every other 24 hours or earlier you receive a message with detailed instructions on registration. You register and credit your account with 5000 USD and receive a bonus from a bookmaker (500 USD). Then you begin to fulfill the bonus conditions of Pinnacle Sports, withdrawing money through the bet exchange Betfair (the bonus offer Betfair+). In case of a successful outcome, having placed 1-3 bets, you can transmit money to the exchange and already fulfill the bonus conditions, and receive an additional bonus of 500 USD. Thereby, without any risk you can easily double your profits!

* With all your questions and additional propositions apply to the address: .
** Pay your attention that the site management reserves the right to change the bonus conditions at any time, carry in some corrections and additions.
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