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Befair +
The bonus offer is valid for the bookmaker Betfair, a well-known and very popular bookmaker among the professional and arbitrage players.
Bonus:the return of 10% of a Betfair general commission.
Description:After a month period we return you 10% of the commission that Batfair takes if you win. Actually, you get an additional bonus equal to 0,5% of the winnings.
Cach Back Individual
The bonus is based on the return of some money amount from the lost bets at a certain bookmaker during a period of time, which is defined beforehand (one month or more). Possibly, such a bonus will be interesting for some serious players and collectors of bonuses.
Bonus:the return of 10% of the lost bets amount.
Description:If you’ve come off worst after a definite period of time, then we return you the part of the lost money. The percentage of the compensation depends on the total amount of the lost money.
For the time being, the following bookmakers take part in the action: Pinnacle Sports, Unibet, Expekt. If you want to extend the list of bookmakers, which take part in the bonus offer, apply to us and we’ll consider your proposal.
Cash Back +
After a month period we return you the part of the money lost at the bookmakers, taking part in this action. The bonus is only for arbitrage players and is combined with the bonus Betfair+. The bonus is available for a long period of time.
Bonus:the return up to 10% of the lost bets amount.
Description:After a month period we’ll sum up your winnings at all bookmakers and if you have a negative value (the loss), we return you the part of the lost money. For the bets in counterbalance we recommend to use the bookmaker, which doesn’t take part in the action, or the exchange Betfair.

In the action take part: Unibet, Expekt, Bet24, Bet-At-Home, Interwetten, Willim Hill, Sportingbet, BetUS.

The list of bookmakers will be corrected and increased. If you have any suggestions to add to this list, write to us.

* With all your questions and additional propositions apply to the address: .
** Pay your attention that the site management reserves the right to change the bonus conditions at any time, carry in some corrections and additions.
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