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Bookmaker Bonus Types

Bonus is a fee for a player’s certain actions. Bonuses can be given both to new customers and active players in the form of temporary bonus actions.

Among the bookmakers the most common are bonuses for new players. If you are over 18 years old and you make bets at this bookmaker for the first time, you can reckon on bonus getting provided you follow certain bookmaker instructions.

Main bonus types: Cash Bonus, Free Bet Bonus, Money Back Bonus.

Cash Bonus
Cash Bonus consists in certain money amount credited to the customer’s account while deposit (cash means laying). Usually it’s some percent of deposit amount, limited by a certain quantity. The distinctive feature of this bonus at different bookmakers is the condition of bonus amount back for its further withdrawal. It might be a condition to make bets on the amount which several times exceeds the amount of bonus or deposit.

An example: a 50% Cash Bonus on the first deposit is not more than 50 EUR. For its withdrawal it is necessary to make bets on the amount which exceeds 3 times the amount of bonus on the events with the odds 1.5 and higher.

After registration you credit your account with 120 EUR and your playing account is credited with additional 50% of the sum. In our case the Cash-bonus will be 50 EUR, because you have bonus amount limitation. Then you have to place bonus amount, multiplied by three, on the events with the odds not less than 1.5, so that in our case it is 150 EUR. You make a 100 EUR bet on the event with the odds 1.7 and a 50 EUR bet on the event with the odds 1.5. After your bets played, you can easily withdraw your money.

Free Bet Bonus
Free Bet Bonus is a type of bonus, which allows making a free bet. The opportunity of bonus getting is given to new players on the first deposit, or as usual, while running different actions for active players. Pay your attention to the fact that after the win not all the sum (bet + profit) is credited to your playing account, but only the profit.

For example, you’ve got a 100 EUR Free Bet Bonus and placed a bet with the odds 2.3. If your bet is right, you’ll get only the profit or 100*2.3-100=130 EUR.

As in the previous case, for bonus withdrawal the bookmaker can make some betting conditions (cash means turn out or minimal bet bonus odds). You can get more information about bonus getting and withdrawal on bookmaker sites.

Money Back Bonus
This bonus is a mere opposite or the other side of a Free Bet Bonus. If there is some bonus action, the bookmaker will allow you to make a bet with guaranteed return of money if your bet is lost.
It should be noted that very often this bonus is given to active players!

In conclusion read several recommendations:

  • don’t try to get a bonus and make bets at the bookmaker if you are under 18;
  • don’t try to get a bonus many times making recurrent registrations;
  • in the process of registration give your personal information correctly;
  • read attentively the conditions and terms of bonus getting at every concrete bookmaker on our site.

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