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What is sports arbitrage

What is sports arbitrage?

When making bets on the internet at different bookmakers, probably, you paid attention that very often the odds on one event in the line differ much. How to use such a situation based on the odds difference in bookmaker betting to get a profit!?

The first thing that occurs is to make a bet at the bookmaker where the odds on the given event are higher. Thus your total profit might enlarge on 10-30%.
The second variant is to play on such arbitrage situations.

An example of betting arbitrage opportunity:
«Bookmaker 1» – win of «player 1» = 2.1, win of «player 2» = 1.7
«Bookmaker 2» — win of «player 1» = 1.75, win of «player 2» = 2.1

If we suppose that our playing bank is 5000 EUR, then we are making the following bets: at the «bookmaker 1» on the win of «player 1» we place a bet of 2500 EUR (the odds of 2.1), and at the «bookmaker 2» on the win of «player 2» we place a bet of 2500 EUR (the odds of 2.1).
Now no matter the outcome of the event, our profit will be 2500*2.1=5250 EUR or the net profit is 250 EUR (5% of the playing bank). Thereby without any risk we, thanks to the found arbitrage opportunity, earned 250 EUR.

How often is sports arbitrage met?

Sports arbitrage phenomenon is rather frequent, not to say ordinary. It occurs in betting on different kinds of sports (football, hockey, tennis, athletics and others). The cause of sports arbitrage can be natural line movement and made-up arbitrage (by a bookmaker) in order to attract more customers’ attention as well.

How much can be earned by making arbitrage bets?

Your profit depends only on you: on your experience, skills, agility and, of course, on your playing bank. Usually average profit percent varies from 3% till 7% of the playing bank amount (rarely arbitrage reaches 20-30%).
Experienced customers, possessing a huge playing account can win up to 500-1000 EUR per day.

If you are a new player and decided to make money on sports arbitrage, take into consideration several recommendations:

  •  examine carefully all the bookmakers where you decided to place bets (usually 7-10 bookmakers will be enough);
  • first make bets not more than 200-300 EUR;
  • optimize cash means financial movements;
  • don’t try to make arbitrage bets, if you are under 18.

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